Coaching For Authors

Every author or writer can benefit from having a knowledgeable coach and mentor in their corner. The truth is, writing can be a very lonely business.  It’s always helpful to have someone who can encourage and mentor you, someone who can lift you up when times are tough and be your cheerleader when things are going great.

Tim offers 2 levels of coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

LEVEL 1:   If you’re one of those writers who has a great idea, but is struggling to put the words to paper, Level 1 coaching could benefit you.  Perhaps you’ve written the first page a hundred times and can’t seem to move past that point.  If this sounds familiar, coaching and mentoring could be just the thing you need to kick your writing into gear.

Level 1 coaching focuses on:

  • Story development
  • Overarching plot development
  • Chapter outlining
  • Character development
  • Research
  • Writing technique
  • Point of view
  • Best practices
  • Scheduling and organization

LEVEL 2:  If you’ve already written your masterpiece, but feel that you just can’t seem to take the next step, whether it’s self-publishing or submitting to agents, Level 2 coaching may be for you.  I can help you get your priorities in order, develop a strategic plan and timeline, prepare your materials to submit to agents, and guide you through the entire publishing and marketing process.

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