Angel of Mercy

When Dr. Adrian Zoebel, the rich, handsome cancer specialist twice voted one of L.A.’s Most Eligible Bachelors, is accused of helping twelve of his terminally-ill patients end their lives, L.A. Times investigative reporter Matthew Cruze is determined to uncover the truth.

But before Cruze can start digging Hollywood mega-producer Marc Cronenburg rushes to Zoebel’s defense and secludes the good doctor in his Malibu mansion. Cronenburg uses his considerable political clout to not only get the charges against Zoebel dropped, but to also get the medically-assisted suicide laws changed in California.

Why the sudden interest in the right-to-die movement? Cronenburg is known for creating ultra-violent reality shows, not for his compassion for the sick and dying. It becomes crystal clear when Cronenburg and Zoebel team up to create Angel of Mercy, a weekly reality show where terminally- ill guests vie for the chance to die at the practiced hand of their host, Dr. Adrian Zoebel.

Three years later, Matthew Cruze is still obsessed with Zoebel’s alleged crimes. It doesn’t help that Angel of Mercy is the number one television show on the planet and Zoebel is an international superstar. Then a ghost from Zoebel’s past appears at Cruze’s door in the middle of the night, offering to reveal the dark truth about Zoebel’s victims; a truth that guarantees more people will die, perhaps even Matthew Cruze.

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