Angel of Mercy: Reader Reviews

The best way I know of to validate – or sometimes invalidate – ourselves as authors is through the reviews we receive from readers.I love getting this kind of feedback because it gives meaning to all those hours I put in to writing Angel of Mercy.

Reviews on Amazon

  • angel-of-mercy-200This author grabs you in the first few words and truly makes the characters breathe. It is a commentary on today’s media values and it is also a wonderful storyline, keeping your interest til the very end.” – 5 STARS
  • “Tim has you guessing all the time. The plot keeps you in suspense till the very end. Can’t wait for the next book to come out.” – 5 STARS
  • “With the advent of all the new concepts in reality TV, this fictional story hits frighteningly close to the truth. Really makes you think about the influence the media’s power and money have on all of us. Down to earth writing and captivating characters make this one a definite page-turner. An interesting read from cover to cover – with an added twist at the end.” – 5 STARS
  • “Once I started reading this book it was hard to put down. Very easy to read, very well written with characters that came to life. The ending was not what I expected so that was a surprise. Enjoyed it very much and with any good book – hated to have it end. Will definitely purchase another book by author Tim Knox”. – 5 STARS
  • “Read the complete book in one sitting. I read all of the time and have gotten pretty good at figuring out the “whodunnit” type mystery, but this one kept me hanging until the very end. Well written with some unexpected twists and turns. Would definitely recommend this book!” – 5 STARS
  • “Tim Knox brings a controversial topic to the fore front in the form of a suspenseful who-done-it. Amazing story about assisted suicide, heartache, and the extent that people will go for their loved ones. Would you help someone move on, end their suffering and pain? My mother begged me for days to help her. “Kill Me Please!” , was repeated over and over. I was spineless, and heartbroken. My father passed quietly, and within only a few short hours.
  • “A fabulous read. A wonderful addition to your library.king forward to the next Matthew Cruze novel.” – 5 STARS
  • “This book is a real page turner. Without a doubt Tim Knox is a master of his craft and of his genre. If there’s any justice, this book will be read by millions. It’s a hell of a read, right to the last sentence.. His acute ear for totally plausible dialogue is matched by his sharp eye for descriptive detail, and as a fellow writer I can appreciate the way he weaves those two elements together into a seamless narrative. He is witty and sharp: the kind of guy I’d like if I ever got to know him. Life is complicated. It throws up issues that are genuinely perplexing. Tim Knox examines more than one of these with honesty that is refreshing and painful in equal measure. His characters are convincing, and their motivations equally so. The death of a terminally ill patient is described second by second in excruciating detail. This is tour de force writing, and it reads so smoothly you may not notice the power behind the punch until it hits you in the face. I genuinely admire this book. The protagonist Matthew Cruze examines his own motives as relentlessly as those of the people he’s investigating, and by doing so makes us ask ourselves important questions. “Angel of Mercy” was a pleasure and a privilege to read.” – 5 STARS

I really appreciate all the kind words, folks!  I promise to keep doing my best to never let you down.